Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Introduction to the methods of Social Sciences

Chapter 1 of Social Science: An Introduction to the Study of Society, by Elgin F. Hunt and David C. Colander.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Check out New Dr. Sam Web site!


Feel free to check out my new Dr. Sam web site. There are a bunch of articles I wrote and some interesting news. Check out my article on "What is a Healthy Person" or the one titled, "How to Spot a Narcissist." There is a fascinating article/documentary news item called, "Mindshock: Transplanting Memories?" It has a four part documentary you can click on. The documentary deals with cellular memory evidenced via heart transplants. Those receiving heart transplants experiencing the memories, emotions, and tastes of those who donated the heart. One blue-collar worker with little education suddenly became a poet. Check it out.

Go to: www.DrSam.tv

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Your Story: Old or New?

People perceive and remember what fits into their personal plot—an internal script of oneself and one’s world. Beliefs and assumptions (inspired by experiences) dictate what you look for and attribute meaning. You always find or create that which validates those beliefs, and ignore, mistrust, disbelieve—or more likely don’t notice—anything that doesn’t fit into that pattern.

People repeat behavior, even that which doesn’t work, because it offers security and familiarity. Doing the same thing results in a known outcome; predictability masquerades as effectiveness. When you move beyond a familiar pattern, you may experience anxiety.

Repetition reinstates the security of the familiar, even if the repetition is limiting or frustrating. By opting for repetition, people sabotage invention and imprison creativity. Stuck behavior has stuck consequences. Staying in a rut long enough begins to seem like fate. That outlook can lead to despair. The ultimate question about fixed beliefs or “stuckness” is: Does it work?

Who Wrote This?
Change may be difficult, but it begins with the easy recognition that you are the author of your own life story. Insight, understanding, and theory do not create change. New theories alone will not drive old lived experiences into extinction. Lasting change requires new lived experiences to replace old experiences – you invested a lot of years in the old system, and you will have to practice the new stuff as hard as you practiced the old stuff.


1. What do you want to change?
2. What do you want to outgrow?
3. What do you want to avoid?
4. What do you want to enhance?

by David Krueger, MD

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Carried in the father's arms

This video by rob bell goes straight to the heart... and maybe addresses the storm you are going through.

Deb and I have been going through our own storm for about 2 years ... and I can affirm that we have felt the father holding us close to his heart, telling us that he loves us, and that we are going to make...he will carry us through!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Straight Story

One of my favorite movies of all times is The Straight Story (1999), directed by David Lynch and starring Richard Farnsworth and Sissy Spacek. It is an unusual film, very reflective and slow-paced with little action and lots of breath-taking shots of the Iowa cornfields in the fall with hauntingly beautiful music.

It is the true story of Alvin Straight, a man who drives a 30-year-old riding mower 240 miles for 6 weeks in order to reconcile his relationship with his brother.

I have posted this story, plus a brief outline from chapter #20 of Purpose-Driven Life on how to restore broken relationships at www.friends4thejourney.com